Feb. 7th, 2008

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There are uncounted thousands, gosh, maybe even millions of occupations out there. Day-to-day life in this culture (and others) takes a lot of different forms. Some mundane, some exotic, some terrifying. But storytelling--novels, films, television--is dominated by stories about crime and punishment. Police procedurals, courtroom procedurals, DNA-spatter procedurals, light mysteries, serial-killer mysteries, organized crime, spree killers, law firms, cop buddy movies, official corruption, drug deals, capers, idiot-savant detectives, nefarious inside jobs, you name it. Even superhero movies are usually not about superheroes doing great things, they are about superheroes stopping villains from doing bad things. With all that in mind, I ask you this: what is it about crime and/or law enforcement stories that appeals to you, if in fact they do? What elements make up a really effective or enjoyable crime story? What traits do you particularly enjoy in the genre's heroes (or anti-heroes) and villains? Why do you think these stories are such a huge part of what we watch, especially considering that surely only the smallest percentage of the population are actual cops and/or criminals. Is it that it's just good dramatic tension or an easily recognizable dynamic between protagonist and antagonist? Does it provide some kind of reassurance or reinforcement of some kind of collective moral code, that it makes us feel like at some point the bad guys will get what's coming to them? Is crime, or a criminal, just a lazy archetypal shorthand for any obstacle we face towards any given goal? Are there particular genres you favor or hate? And if these stories don't generally appeal to you at all--why not?

As part of a new project, I am trying to understand the many and varied pieces of good crime/police storytelling at their most basic level. Thanks in advance for any thoughts you care to share.
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Oh, I get it! Hues Corporation! Like Howard Hughes' company! That's very clever!

Well, that only took 36 years.


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