Feb. 26th, 2008

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It's weird the things you think about when you get sick, really sick. A good strong five-day fever can fry up those synapses and ganglia and whatnot and make you remember--or hallucinate--things you haven't thought about in years. The other day I woke up from another one of those patented celebrity-packed psychosexual nightmares I've been having, and I suddenly remembered this insane theme-park restaurant in Denver I used to go to as a kid, called Casa Bonita. Oh, and I know what you're thinking. You're thinking--Caitie, I've been stalking your ever-widening ass on this mind-numbingly boring LJ for years and I thought you grew up in Phoenix." Well, I did. Phoenix, and Omaha, and Denver, and Pleasanton, CA and Raton, New Mexico and Littleton, Colorado and LA and probably six or seven towns, truck stops and trailer parks I'm forgetting. The road is my home. My home, the road. The earth is my body. My head is in the stars. Etc.

Sorry. Better stop cribbing phrases before Hillary tattles.

Yeah, Casa Bonita. It's more a surreal experience than a restaurant--kind of like if Disney turned the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride into a walk-through diner. It's a massive faux-environment with haunted caves, cliffs, pools, huge waterfalls, and all manner of bizarre entertainment, from wild west gunfighters to mostly-naked flame-throwing cliffdivers to a cross-dressing gorilla. I haven't been there since--well, no later than 1980, anyway, and probably more like '76-77, but my fever is sufficently high that I started looking for excuses to go to Denver so I could go there again. By all accounts the food is a horrible biohazard and I could care less. If you're ever in Denver you must not miss it. And yes, I've since become aware those numbnuts South Park guys did an episode about it.

There are also a couple of great old amusement parks in the Denver area--the amazing, century-old Lakeside and Elitch Gardens which is not really Eltich Gardens at all, but a totally different and far less cool park than the original. So, Denver.

Item 1: After over a week of the worst flu I can remember ever having, I can now sit upright and type. But I kinda regret it. As I'm sure do you.

Item 2: You know that laptop I use all the time? The one with two new nearly-finished screenplays and important rewrites on two others? The one that suddenly won't start up, and apparently has a crack in the motherboard, and now I can't get the data off? Yeah. 'cause that's...really not good. Yeah. Try new Cool Ranch Setbacks--from Nabisco!

I suppose it's too late to take up stripping.


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