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So, let me get this straight. Joe the Plumber... not a licensed plumber or licensed contractor of any kind or a member of the plumber's union, and if he's even a plumber at all has been roaming around doing unlicensed work--the mark of quality!;

...hates Social Security, which he calls "a joke", and demands that he be allowed to invest that money in the markets (!);

...faced some pretty skeezy domestic violence charges a few years back, and is a tax scofflaw;

...and is not an independent or undecided voter at all, but a long-time registered Republican with hilarious direct family connections to Charles Keating, and who, after his interaction with Obama, called him a "socialist" and then made a completely classy and totally not-racist remark comparing Obama to Sammy Davis Junior. Unfavorably.

The depth of how much John McCain sucks--and how staggeringly incompetent he is--is a source of daily amazement. Does he ever vet anybody? Nobody derails the McCain campaign like John McCain. He's looking more and more like a less genial Alf Landon every day.

Date: 2008-10-17 12:51 am (UTC)
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So expect Joe the plumber to slide down a greasy pipe while no one is looking and stumble for the highway?

It does look rather peculiar - I think the only qualifier the CBS evening news made to him this evening was that he had to admit he would probably see his taxes go down under Obama's current plan and that he owed $1200 in state income taxes.

It is startling how seemingly careless McCain has been, but it often seems that's only a problem if people care to follow up. Recent polls suggest that just running on attitude isn't enough when so many much is visibly crashing and burning in real time, which is nice, but I'm still waiting to see if November bears that out.


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