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Well, let's see. February 14. Emperor Norton was born on February 14th, so claims Wikipedia. That seems more than fitting. Driven to a massive mental breakdown by failure, poverty and homelessness, surviving only by panache, mad genius, and staggering delusions of grandeur. I should start issuing decrees and get it over with. Nina Hamnett, the eccentric bisexual Welsh writer, artist and "Queen of Bohemia"...that's a lot to live up to, but I'm working on it. Somebody get me a picket fence. Nivelle de la Chaussée, a French writer who combined comedy and tragedy to the bewilderment and irritation of many. Jack Benny, who I love--though I might be a bit more indebted to Fred Allen, confidentially. Thelma Ritter, sassy character actress who came to fame at age 45--so, maybe there's still time. Jimmy Hoffa, head of the Teamsters--hey, I was a Teamster at one time. Hoffa disappeared without a trace, an option that grows more appealing with each passing hour. Esteemed newscaster Hugh Downs...I have a box of his neckties somewhere and I sleep on one of his pillows, long story which I've told you at least ten times. Tim Buckley, a talented, unstable, self-absorbed singer-songwriter who managed to squander his talent, alienate his fan base and blow every chance he got. Hm. Teller, who knew when to keep his mouth shut. And Simon Pegg, who I list because I adore him and not out of any obvious similarities, though we've both spent an unseemly of time worrying about the starship Enterprise.

Draw your own conclusions. That's all I've got. Send cake.

Date: 2008-12-19 07:36 am (UTC)
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So what do you do to combat writer's block? I don't really know anything about the subject - the closest analogy I can draw is due to a memory disorder, I can't use formal outlines for assignments like reports or presentations, so I have to just start working on various sections relating to the topic at hand without worrying too much about they fit together, salvaging whatever is useful, and repeating until something workable emerges. Although put that way, the procedure really sounds more like some kind of weird conceptual metastasis than writing(composition through mutation?), and isn't what one could call efficient.


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