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I had a dream I was short of cash. (Bravo, subconscious, for your wild flights of fancy.) And it turned out that lots of people owed me money (again, kudos...) and in fact had sent me various checks in the mail. And my grandma had opened all my mail and hidden the checks. Eventually I found the checks and filled out a deposit slip, and all was well until I noticed that one of the checks was made out to Juliette Lewis. It was a $100 rebate check from Levi Strauss. And for a second I considered depositing it anyway but decided no, that would be wrong. My friends made fun of me for being so honest and said Juliette would never miss it "because she made all that money on Family Ties." But I ran it over to her house (the check had her address on it...she lived near 17th and Castro in San Francisco) along with one of my scripts I thought she'd be good in. (Ever the opportunist...)

She wasn't home, by the way.

Now I believe I have a plane to catch. Good day, sir or madam.
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This is going to seem like a stupid question, but can you get Fritos just anywhere? It's not just a Texas thing, right? I can go into a store in Phoenix or LA or Berkeley and get Fritos? (well, okay, not Berkeley, because I'm sure the Frito is an oppressed species or made of GMO corn harvested without a reparations ceremony presided over by a Jainist or is shaped like a labia and therefore misogynist or something. But maybe Oakland.) Damn, I love Fritos.

Also, Fritos are like the grossest thing ever. Please pass the Fritos. Pop me open a Lone Star while you're at it. I need something to wash down these Fritos. I don't know what you send in to get the taste of Lone Star out of your mouth. I'm sure you good people will have some suggestions.

And yes, I remember the Frito Bandito. And Casa De Fritos at Disneyland. I know people know what Fritos are, but I can't remember the last time I was in a store on the west coast and there were Fritos. Tostitos, sure. Every kind of lame-ass potato chip imaginable, yes. But Fritos? Well, we shall see. If I make Fritos the Official Corn Chip of [ profile] mcbrennan will they send me a case of 'em or will they sue for defamation? Tough call.

All I have had for food today are two slices of cake and 13 Fritos, so I may be a bit buggy. Also all the good music is on the other computer. I forgot my iPod when I left Berkeley. This is the pre-divorce laptop and it has only pre-divorce music, all of which I hate. All 65 gigabytes of it. Fuck you, 13,991 pre-divorce songs. Your naïve doe-eyed reality is as dead as grunge, Phil Rizzuto and representative democracy.

I had no breakfast, lunch or dinner, but I did have a good meetup with my wayward lunch date, who it's safe to say has some potential future involvement with my movie, and so we had a good chat about movie-related matters. I also got to spend some nice time this evening with my generous host, who I will miss as I head off to Phoenix, that land of peril and promise but mostly peril.

Plane's in the air at 3:15 central, lands at 3:15 pacific. Two hours of my life will disappear without a trace, except for vague memories of being groped against my will by horrible creeps. It's Daddy Day Camp all over again.
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Monday. 12:30pm. Blogging from bed. Eating a package of frosted mini-donuts. Listening to Astral Weeks. Order has been restored to the universe. Though I just passed a mirror and I thought--gee, Daryl Hall has really let himself go. Might be time for a beauty treatment, is what.

No real plans for the next couple of days, except hopefully a meetup with a good friend of [ profile] explosivo. I may go exploring in a bit, get some Tex-Mex, check out the local Goodwill (literally and figuratively). I'll probably stagger into a screening or two. But mostly I am very tired, and in the name of both physical and psychological health, pushing myself too hard is off the agenda for the duration. Hopefully I'll just go have fun, relax, enjoy Austin, which is a city more or less built for enjoyment. I mean, only if you like film, food, music, weirdness, and Fritos. Lots and lots of Fritos.

Memo to [ profile] shoombala: "thank you" seems insufficient, but thank you. :)


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