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I am back at my new friend and generous host Nell's house. Thanks to hard lessons learned last night, tonight's drunk-wagon bus ride was not a life-threatening debacle but merely a gigantic pain in the ass. Okay, it wasn't even that, but it did involve what the Texas department of weights and measures has officially certified as a fuckload of walking. With a 30-pound backpack. After ingesting a big-girl portion of organic vodka. I'm dumb as a post, and I'm frequently pretty feeble, but say what you will about me, I am not made of quit. Cheese, maybe.

The conference wrap party was a madhouse, at McCormick and Schmick's. I got lost on the way so I used 1-800-GOOG-411, Google's new free information line. I am not being compensated for this endorsement, but I do highly recommend it--it's better and more reliable than the various other 411s and it costs nothing. Please make a note of it.

Meanwhile. The party, yeah. I latched on to various people I'd already met, as I am wont to do, so Herschel Weingrod and Scott Alexander got the special bonus round of [ profile] mcbrennan whether they liked it or not. See how much you have in common with famous screenwriters, dear reader? And I met some new people, hung out with Dawn (former AFF screenwriting czarina, now in LA) and my friend Richard from Outfest. I was, in a word, social. I made an effort. Said a brief hello to the very funny Larry Wilmore from "The Office" and "The Daily Show" who I kinda-sorta met last year. It was getting late so I ran for the bus with only minutes to spare...and then realized I'd just run three blocks in the wrong direction. That's Vodka 360, the organic vodka. Please make a note of it.

I had but one glass, by the way. I tried to be good. But they were pouring film-industry portions. I'd regained my childhood midwest-southern accent by the time I left the place.

Took the bus to 45th and Lamar, walked to the Walgreens in search of late-nite bananas, found only fried foods and carrot cake, bought them, slogged them two miles home and dispatched them with extreme prejudice. I'm serious. You would not believe the epithets I mumbled at that carrot cake as I ate it.

There's a "Hair Of The Dog" brunch at 10am, then panels at 11:30. We're pretty much done by 4, then there are screenings I'm really looking forward to, especially this and this. If last year was any indication, most of the Hollywood bigwigs will clear out by 2pm and then we serious cinéastes (otherwise known as aspiring but thus far woefully unsuccessful Hollywood bigwigs) can actually relax and enjoy some movies. Which do not begin screening til like 3pm the rest of the week. Ah, Austin Film Festival, how I love you.


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