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Culinary: Cheese, and/or Pez Cheese and/or Pez are delicious. And not very healthy especially en masse. Yet here I sit eating cheese and/or Pez.
Literary: Not reading enough actual works of fiction I've been busy. And lazy. And I read a lot of reference books for writing and whatnot. But I should really read more fiction. The other day I realized that even if I read one book a day from now on, I could never begin to read all the books I want to read in the remainder of my lifetime. Also, I own a novelization of the TV series "FISH" starring Abe Vigoda.
Audiovisual: I've never seen the Godfather movies. Or "Apocalypse Now". I've always had an aversion to movies about orgazined crime, and movies about Vietnam. I always used to hate that stuff, and I could never imagine finding anything there I could relate to. Now, I realize the movies I mentioned are about much greater things, that no real filmmaker or storyteller can afford to have not seen them, so I'll rectify it. Eventually. But honestly, in my heart of hearts, I would still much rather watch "It's In The Bag" or "The Sure Thing" or "Foul Play" or "Brewster McCloud" or something.
Musical: I downloaded a Rhianna song the other day. The one that samples "Tainted Love". I used to work out to it at the gym, but I had to stop because I was losing weight and getting into shape.
Celebrity: I have a huge crush on John Hogdman, from the Daily Show and the Mac ads. I don't feel guilty about it, just putting it out there for your edification. I met Grace Slick once. Man, was she fucked up.

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