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M. C. Brennan and Jill Cooney, Outfest 2007

In lieu of content I present you with this lovely photo of me and my best friend Jill at the post-show reception after my Outfest reading at the DGA. She's the pretty one, I'm the pale weird looking one. And yes, if you click through to the massive full-size version of this, you will discover that I actually wore lingerie to my reading. It's not just a lingerie-type top, it's real lingerie, under a Donna Karan suit coat. Because that's just how I roll.

So not how I roll, btw.

I'm also wearing my Deer Valley High School 1984 homecoming button. On my lapel next to the Bowie pins. Given the 80s vibe of the script, I figured why not regress?

Regress. Hah. As if I ever progressed.

And PS, that's my mom in the background...
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Someone--and for legal purposes I won't identify the culprit, though the audio will make it obvious--used their camera-phone to record a few seconds of the preshow video presentation of my Outfest reading. The quality is terrible but it's all we've got, at least until I convince them to hand over the actual DVD. Here now, for those whose craven weakness of personal character (or what-have-you) made them unable to attend, is 15 seconds of actual footage of actual footage from my Big Hollywood Debut. Enjoy!

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I know you, Gentle Reader. You like to laugh. With, At, makes no nevermind: you enjoy a hearty guffaw. You also get a little tingle in all the right places when contemplating the idea of live staged readings of breathtakingly clever and thought-provoking new work by...well, by me, for one, as well as four other clever Outfest Fellowship-winning persons.

Well, then, Gentle Reader: Make a beeline for The Directors' Guild of America tonight at 7pm for a LIVE STAGED READING from all five Outfest Screenwriting Lab Fellowship scripts!
7920 Sunset Boulevard, between Crescent Heights and Fairfax. Tickets are $12 and available at the DGA box office.

See M. C. Brennan live and in-person, along with her friends, relatives, well-wishers and hangers-on! Ask for her autograph in a conspicuous matter! Hop on board this rocket, baby, we're going straight to the top! Etc.

A reception will follow in the DGA lobby. There's parking available under the DGA building for a mere $5. Hope to see you there.


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