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One is inclined to use that played-out metaphor about turning back into a pumpkin, but this morning has not been stellar. Probably the highlight was when my mom invited me to Universal Studios for a day of celebratory theme-park fun, then abruptly revoked the invitation, lectured me to "get a job", got in the pickup and drove away. I'm 5 again! Yay! Fun.

Had a similarly depressing experience a couple of hours later, but we won't be talking about that.

It's "Dreamgirls Singalong" at the festival tonight but I couldn't get a ticket (and, insufficient-gayness alert, I have not yet seen "Dreamgirls" so singing along would be a challenge.) I should keep working on the ticket, go, be seen, yada yada, but no.

They say Rome wasn't bilked in a day, but I feel like I didn't do enough to make things happen, since for all the people I met and all the assembled business cards in my pocket I still have no deal to make the movie, no agent, no writing assignments and just enough money in the bank to get back to Berkeley and buy a gross of those generic frozen burritos from Albertson's. My stupid heart arrhythmia is playing some kind of fucked-up Devo bossa nova. All things being equal, I believe I'm going to have a little lay-down. Wake me when things are better.

PS: I completely adore The Addams Family but I never much cared for The Munsters. What's that about?


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