Jun. 15th, 2008

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Just a reminder: Peter Frampton watches you when you're sleeping, and he wants to take your love.

I'm in Phoenix. The lovely girlfriend and I took in a Diamondbacks game this evening. They lost by nine runs to the Kansas City Royals, so you can tell that was a real whopper of a contest. But we had a great time, and after the game we were lucky enough to see Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers in concert. You'll hear younger bands, hipper bands, edgier bands in your life, but I don't think you'll see a better live rock show than these guys. Clyne was in the Refreshments back in the 90s and you've heard their hits even if you can't name 'em (he's probably the only alternative rocker to name-check Jean-Luc Picard in a hit single). If they come to your town you will enjoy seeing them perform.

I'll be down here until late in the month, when I will no longer be down here. Beyond that it's as much a mystery to me as it is to you, dear reader.

Current events commentary: I am sorry Tim Russert died, because I quite liked him. I am doubly sorry R. Kelly was acquitted. I am also sorry John McCain's adult-baby lifestyle has not yet been revealed to the public. That last one's just between us. "Senator Woogums", she calls him. It ain't right.

I am looking forward to wildly misinterpreting Sunday night's all-new episode of Venture Bros.

Now here's a video to brighten your Sunday. You have probably already seen it as you are cooler than me. Enjoy.


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